What Did You Say?

Promise Keepers new focus on women and messianic Jews:“Promise Keepers is not a men’s ministry. It is a ministry for men.” -Raleigh Washington president of Promise Keepers. Read more. The Manhattan Declaration’s focus on abortion, gay marriage, and religious liberty: “We argue that there is a hierarchy of issues. A lot of the younger evangelicals say they’re all alike. We’re hoping to educate them that these are the three most important issues.” -Chuck Colson. Read more. Pastor on relocating to Chicago to plant a church: “I just had one of those moments like ‘Holy crap … what are we doing?'” -Mark Bergin. Read more. Rick Warren on paying $1500 for counseling early in his marriage: “MasterCard saved my marriage!” -Rick Warren. Zondervan’s decision to stop publication of a book deemed racist by Asian-Americans: “The growing churches are the immigrant churches and

the multi-ethnic churches, most of which are evangelical. But white evangelicals are pretty much oblivious to them.” -Stan Gudry, editor-in-chief of Zondervan. Read more. Libertarian ABC News anchor moves to Fox News: “If we want to have a National Steroid League football games, and they’re consenting adults, that’s fine.” -John Stossel. Read more.


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