Skye’s 10 “Commandments” of Scripture Interpretation

855584 6   Yesterday the return of the Ice Age to the midwest interrupted my plan to preach on Genesis 1. With so many people snowed in, the church leaders made the call to delay the sermon until next Sunday. Literally 5 minutes before the start of the service I had to come up with something else to teach. I decided to do 30 minutes on how to read the Bible–some tips for those resolved to read the Bible more in 2014. I shared a few of my “Commandments of Scripture Interpretation.” A number of people asked to see the complete list and notes. So here they are. I’ve aggregated and constructed these from various sources over the years. Feel free to download and share. Obviously they’re not explained in much detail as these notes were intended to accompany a class lecture, but I hope they are enough to get you started. PDF Download: 10_commandments_interpretation_2014

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