What’s Wrong With Religion?

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9 Things No One Told You About Faith


…so stop saying you’re not. That’s part of Skye Jethani’s surprising message to our increasingly post-religious generation. With clarity and humor he shows why faith is an unavoidable part of being human, even for those who have given up on institutional religion (or would like to). After decades of studying religion and speaking with believers around the globe, Skye shares nine things he’s learned that will forever change the way you think about God, faith, and the role of religion in our world.


“Skye Jethani has written a clear, lucid, accessible guide to barriers that obstruct peoples’ faith. Whatever your convictions about religion, if you are interested in ultimate questions these words will be a welcome help.” 

John Ortberg, best-selling author and Senior Pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church



“Speaking to both the religious and irreligious, Skye cuts through the stereotypes to talk with hope, humor, and honesty about what’s wrong with religion and what’s right about faith. If you’re disillusioned about religion you must read this book!”

Bob Goff, author of Love Does



“If you are serious about the religious quest and unsatisfied with the cookie-cutter institutions, give this book a fair hearing. But, don’t let the clear images and the clever expressions get in the way of the seriousness of What’s Wrong with Religion? The slower you read this book the better it gets.” 

Scot McKnightProfessor of New Testament


“Skye is a storyteller of ideas, with the rare ability to grip my imagination, sharpen my mind, and awaken my spirit. In What’s Wrong With Religion? Skye tells the story of our conflicted relationship with faith, deftly deconstructing religion before giving us something better to believe in. Highly recommended to challenge the curious and the Christian alike.” Paul J. Pastorauthor of The Listening Day: Meditations on the Way

“Every page in What’s Wrong with Religion? offers fresh insights for your life and faith. Skye uncovers the well-intentioned but toxic misunderstandings we have about Jesus and shines a powerful light on the WAY better life Jesus offers us all.” Kara PowellPhD, Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute and co-author of Growing Young

“Refreshing, accessible, meaningful, and a helpful “religious” corrective for those swamped in a culture of cynicism, confusion and certitudes. I’d put this book into the hands of everyone at Mars Hill Bible Church.” AJ SherrillPastor of Mars Hill Bible Church

“Whether you describe yourself as religious, agnostic, or even as someone who is against religion, this book will make you look at life, faith, and God in a fresh way. Engaging, witty, and utterly brilliant, the ideas, illustrations, and questions in these pages will set you on a path that could change everything.” Glenn PackiamPastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs