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Reflections on ministry in the age of Church, Inc.


There are endless resources helping pastors do the work of ministry. Yet far fewer stop and ask, “Are we doing the right work?”

Immeasurable is a collection of essays on the current state of pastoral ministry. Drawing on Scripture, cultural studies, and hundreds of conversations with church leaders across the country, Skye advocates for renewed postures toward this sacred calling. He exposes unbiblical definitions of success and builds a case for doing the kind of ministry that can’t be measured. His rich reflections on pastoral ministry will refresh any who heed the call.

“Immeasurable is packed with countercultural wisdom that resets our current ministry expectations and paradigms…This is the kind of rootedness, wisdom, and perspective that every kingdom leader needs to grasp. Skye’s words are a gift. It’s his best book yet.” –J.R. Briggs, Founder of Kairos Partnerships; author of Fail: Finding Hope in the Midst of Ministry Failure and coauthor of Ministry Mantras

“Anything Skye Jethani writes, I read. When I heard he was aiming his mind at a book on church leadership, all the happy alerts in my heart went off. You need to read this book.” –John Mark Comer, pastor for teaching and vision at Bridgetown Church and author of God Has a Name