Origins Project Needs a Name

Some of you might be aware that I am part of an upstart network of church leaders. The team currently includes Dan Kimball, Josh Fox, Dave Gibbons, John Park, Erwin McManus, Eric Bryant, Scot McKnight, Rick McKinley, Margaret Feinberg, Mark Batterson, Naeem Fazal, and myself. We had our first gathering last month in San Diego to dream about what this community should become. The group has been using Mosiac’s Origins Project as a starting base, but we realize the network needs it’s own name and digital home. Over 600 people have registered for the network through the Origins Project website, and now we’re asking everyone for help brainstorming a new name and focus for the group. Dan Kimball sent out an email update last week, and everyone on the Creative Team for the new network is reposting it on his/her blog. Read the letter below and share your thoughts. Thanks for your help. Hello! This is Dan Kimball and I am writing on behalf of the Creative Team for the new network/community we are all forming together. It has been incredibly cool and extremely encouraging to read the responses and hopes and dreams that people have been writing in as they connect to our community. We have had an overwhelming amount of response so far, and if this is any indication of the future, it seems exciting days are ahead! We are setting up a website as well as sending out regular updates soon but wanted to start getting everyone’s input as we move ahead on this. 1) We need a name! Let’s name this network together. We have been using the Origins Project as a beginning base to start, but we want to have a specific name for this network. We want to have a name that represents who we are and what we are about. We are joining together to develop relationships and community to encourage each other and spur one another on in creativity and innovation for the passion of mission and evangelism. If you have any ideas or suggestions for a network name that fits this mission, please let us know. We are wanting to have the network named by mid-April. So we will be sorting through suggestions and ideas. So please give us your suggestions here. 2) Getting together to build relationships. We will be figuring out times of getting together. As with any community, it will mean a mix of meeting together and having an online community develop. We will develop some formal events, some informal events and gatherings – it will be a mix. But we are formally announcing and launching the network at Catalyst West Coast on April 22. It is taking place at Mariner’s Church in Orange County, CA. Origins Project is partnering with Catalyst for the opening day with the “labs.” Origins will include an opening and closing session along with several more intimate breakouts in between. It will be a time to interact and meet others who have this heart of mission. That same day we will be announcing the name of the network, and we hope to have the website ready by that date too. If you would like information about Catalyst, you can go, and you can register for Origins there. For today (Feb 26) only, there is a discount code “ORIGINS” that will give you a special 10% discount. 3) We need your input on the website. As we develop and shape a website and begin planning ahead, it would be great to keep getting input from you.  Our plans for the website include a place for us to interact, ask questions, post ideas, and all types of things. Please let us know other ideas to include at the site. You can give us your suggestions here. 4) What ideas do you have for the network? What are ideas that you may have? Anything you would love to see this become? Anything you would suggest you make sure we do? You can give us your ideas here. 5) What are the biggest questions you have about the network?  We will form some sort of FAQ, but anything you would like to ask at this stage of things? We may not have answers yet but what are the things you may want to know? You can post your questions here. You can go to our site ( for the links to share any of your thoughts on the name, community ideas, website ideas, general ideas, or question. We will be reading through everything, and we are depending on those joining up in the community to help give direction to shape where we are going! OK. Thanks for your input and please pray for this as we truly sense God is in this and it is going to be something that fuels our common heart for mission and people. More soon!! Regular updates will be coming and a website for us to interact! On the mission of Jesus with you, Dan On behalf of the Creative Team (Dan Kimball, Josh Fox, Dave Gibbons, John Park, Erwin McManus, Eric Bryant, Scot McKnight, Rick McKinley, Margaret Feinberg, Skye Jethani, Mark Batterson, Naeem Fazal).


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