John Wilson Reviews ‘Futureville’

I don’t know anyone who reads more books than John Wilson, editor of Books and Culture. He has little tolerance for unthoughtful Christian books overloaded with cliches and sentimentality, and he can be highly critical of writings that overstate ideas or miss critical arguments. In some ways John Wilson is the Simon Cowell of Christian book reviewers–brilliant and brutally honest. So when I heard that he ¬†reviewed my latest book, Futureville, on the Books and Culture podcast I was reluctant to listen. Here it is for you to engage and share: Download John Wilson’s audio review of FUTUREVILLE from Books and Culture. Thankfully, John liked the book apart from one flaw–he says it was too “sane and wise.” Apparently if I had made more outrageous statements or claims, John feels the book would have gotten more attention. I’ll take that as an indictment of the Christian book market more than my writing. One final note. John speaks about the final chapter of Futureville which includes the story of my son’s premature birth and illness. Isaac, however, pulled through and did not die as John says. Those of you who know my family are aware that Isaac is very much alive.

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