Is Superman a Republican or Democrat?

Last week I saw a report on CNN about a kid in New Hampshire who is asking every candidate in the Republican primary about their favorite superhero. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry all answered “Superman.” But I think a far more interesting story would be asking Superman about his favorite candidate. Of course we would first have to establish the Man of Steel’s political affiliation. Is earth’s greatest hero a Democrat or a Republican? Below is my assessment of Sups’ political leanings based on his demographics, lifestyle, and values. He is a white man between 30 and 50. (1 Point: GOP) He grew up in a small town in Kansas…otherwise known as “real America” by Sarah Palin. (1 Point: GOP) He now resides in an urban center, Metropolis. (1 Point: DEM) He is a journalist and therefore part of the liberal media elite. (1 Point: DEM) He is an undocumented immigrant. (1 Point: DEM) He draws his power from earth’s yellow sun, a clean source of renewable energy. (1 Point: DEM) He affirms American exceptionalism by standing for “Truth, justice, and the American way.” (1 Point: GOP) He recently renounced his American citizenship to garner favor with other nations. (1 Point: DEM) He believes in strong law enforcement. (1 Point: GOP) His arch nemesis is a multi-billionaire CEO/job creator, Lex Luthor. (1 Point: DEM) He does not want oil exploration in the Arctic that may reveal his hidden fortress. (1 Point: DEM) He is a strong individualist and even built a Fortress of Solitude. (1 Point: GOP) He believes in unilateral defensive action. (1 Point: GOP) His Kryptonian parents were stridently pro-life. (1 Point: GOP) Final score: Republican-7 points, Democrat-7 points. What can we conclude from this exercise? It would seem that

Superman, like most of us, holds a set of political and social values that do not fit easily within either party’s platform. Is he as frustrated as I am over the polarizing rhetoric and all-or-nothing, winner-take-all atmosphere dominating Washington these days? I can only imagine that he also shakes his head while watching the 24-hour cable news coverage while unwinding at night. Of course there is another way of reconciling Superman’s seemingly inconsistent politics. Perhaps the Man of Steel’s political beliefs are split between his two identities. What if Superman is a Republican and Clark Kent is a Democrat? Wait a minute…does Mitt Romney have an alter ego?

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