Introducing Orphan List

My college roommate, Dave Schreier, teaches middle school in Ohio, and during the summer he operates a wedding photography business. But what really gets his blood pumping is helping others. He regularly travels internationally both to further his experiential knowledge as a geography teacher and to take stunning photographs. (Check out some of his images from Alaska, India, Peru, and Papua.) A few years ago Dave traveled to Papua New Guinea where he met a remarkable

woman named Aunty Rosa. This meek woman has made it her responsibility to care for, feed, clothe, and educate many of the homeless and orphaned children in her village. Dave couldn’t stop talking about the children and showing me his photographs. He also couldn’t stop thinking about how to help Aunty Rosa’s mission. That is how was born. In cooperation with missionaries on the ground in Papua, Dave established a non-profit ministry to collect funds for the needs of Aunty Rosa’s children. Because the administrative costs of OrphanList are completely underwritten by others, 100% of the funds collected are sent to the children in Papua. Dave’s story is a wonderful example of how an ordinary follower of Christ can be compelled to make a tangible difference in the world. OrphanList is a small ministry making a real impact on the lives of those God cares most about–the fatherless and forgotten. I hope you’ll check out and consider help these children. You can also learn more about the ministry read updates from Aunty Rosa on the OrphanList Facebook page.


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