Episode 105: To Drink or Not to Drink?!

To drink or not to drink – Christians and alcohol. Plus … Time magazine wonders if it’s safe to send our daughters to college, and Canada wonders if it’s safe to let Christians educate lawyers. Crazy times indeed…

Episode 103: Alien Hunting, Arranged Marriages, & Shorter Sermons!

Scientists campaign for more alien-hunting funds, Phil campaigns for arranged marriages and Skye campaigns for shorter sermons. Plus – guess which faith tradition has the hardest time retaining its children?? You’ll never guess! So watch and/or listen to the show to find out!!

Episode 102: Rob Bell, Oprah, Harvard and HGTV?!

Lots going on this week! Updates on Rob Bell and Oprah. Plus Satanists are in – and then out – at Harvard, and Christian twin brothers are in – and then out – at HGTV. Oh, and Phil has a run-in with six hundred women, a Victorian hotel, and a bat. (Not the baseball kind.) It is truly a mad, mad world!