Bobby Jindal’s Christian Faith

A very interesting piece in The Wall Street Journal today about Bobby Jindal’s journey from the Hindu faith of his family to embracing Christianity as a teenager. Some have questioned the authenticity of Obama’s Christian faith saying it was a conversion of convienence- a community activist simply connecting with a powerful church to get political leverage. I don’t share that cynical view of Obama’s faith, but I understand why some might holdBobby Jindal it. Jindal’s story is different. His converstion began as a teenager- I assume his decision to follow Christ was not because this son of Indian immigrants living in Baton Rouge was plotting a political manuever to become governer and possibly vice president.¬†Anyway, with faith being such a hot topic in this political year I thought others might be interested in reading about Jindal’s very unusual spiritual journey. Here’s an excerpt:

“I did not have an overnight epiphany like so many people do,” said Mr. Jindal, calling his conversion a “very intellectual-based journey,” where he studied countless religious texts. “Given my background and personality, that was an important part of the process.” But, he notes, “I don’t think you can ‘read’ yourself into faith. I had gotten to the point where I knew what history had to say about this person named Jesus and what he had done on Earth. . . . I think at some point you have to take a leap of faith.”

As a teenager, Mr. Jindal said he sought out chaplains at nearby Louisiana State University as he grasped for a religious identity to call his own. During a youth group’s Easter season musical production in 1987 at LSU’s campus chapel, a black-and-white video of the Passion played during intermission. “I don’t know why I was struck so hard at that moment,” said Mr. Jindal. “There was nothing fascinating about this particular video. . . . But watching this depiction of an actor playing Jesus on the cross, it just hit me, harder than I’d ever been hit before,” he said. “If that was really the son of God, and he really died for me, then I felt compelled to get on my knees and worship him.”

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