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BLOG | Skye Jethani - Part 3
Why I’m Not Voting

For months I have made my views about Mr. Trump’s candidacy known on my blog as well as on The

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3 Reasons InterVarsity’s Decision on Gay Marriage is a Big Deal

Yesterday, Elizabeth Dias at Time broke the news that InterVarsity, a leading evangelical college ministry, will “dismiss employees who support

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Why We Need More Politics in the Pulpit

“Is he crazy?” That may be what you thought when you saw the title of this article. That initial response

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Video: Why Are There So Many Celebrity Pastors?

Every generation has had a few popular preachers, but today there is a whole celebrity class within American evangelicalism. How

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Video: Why You Don’t Read The Bible

Every year it’s the best-selling book in the world, but a lot of research says Americans don’t read their Bibles.

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The False Comfort of Simple Absolutes

*Note: This reflection is from today’s With God Daily devotional. Throughout July we are looking at the book of Acts.

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