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Who’s Really Leading Evangelicalism, the Shepherds or the Sheep? (Hint: it’s not the shepherds)

Twenty years ago, when I was engaged to my future wife, a counselor told me, “The key to a successful

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Guns & the Future of Ministry

Like many, my heart broke Sunday with the news of another mass shooting. The fact that this tragedy occurred at

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The Naaman Option

As the people of Christ we are called to faith, not fear, and we are called to sacrificial love, not self-preservation. As Henri Nouwen wrote, “Fear engenders fear. It never gives birth to love.” Surely there is a third path that follows in the steps of Jesus; I will call it The Naaman Option.

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I Read Dead People

“What do you read?” That’s a common question among bookish pastors. Sometimes I hear it phrased, “Who do you read?”

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Sermon: Remaking Jesus in Our Image

Voltaire once said, “In the beginning God created man in his own image; then man returned the favor.” This sermon,

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Blessed Are The Disillusioned

The are called by different names. David Kinnaman calls them nomads, prodigals, or exiles, depending on their particular flavor. Josh Packard calls them church refugees. Other researchers speak of the de-churched. What they share is a disillusionment with the popular, institutional forms of Christianity. They feel unrepresented by those speaking in Christ’s name in the media, and they carry distrust toward many of the organizations that claim to advance his mission. Not all of the disillusioned have abandoned Christian faith, although that is also happening, but they are searching for a place to belong.

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