Bizarre Cars 1

Arriving in the US in 2009 is the Nissan Cube. It’s been a big hit in Japan, and with Toyota’s Scion brand proving boxy can be popular, they’ve decided to import the Cube to our shores. The current Cube is powered by a 95-hp, 1.4 liter engine. As far as size, the Cube is about one inch longer than the Mini Cooper but 10 inches taller. From Automobile Magazine: “The first time you see a Nissan Cube, it’s hard to keep your mouth shut. A hundred lame (or is that square?) box-it-came-in jokes pop into your head, and resisting the urge to spit them out rapid-fire, like some coked-up Catskills comic, takes a will of steel. Especially if you find, as do most people, that the mere sight of a Cube makes you chuckle.” They go on to describe the car as a “rolling refrigerator with a Hello Kitty face.” cube 1cube 2cube 3


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