Video: Redefining “Radical”

What kind of life is truly “radical”? The Christian subculture, and the younger generation raised within it, is saturated with messages about “changing the world” and “making a difference for Christ,” but is that really the goal of the Christian life? In this message delivered at Trinity International University, Skye Jethani looks at the well-known parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15. There he unpacks the self-centered consumer gospel of our culture as well as the self-sacrificing activist gospel the church prescribes as its antidote—and how both miss the real message of Christ.   With God Devo logo small Stop just living your life FOR God, and starting living WITH him. The With God Daily Devotional is an email written by Skye Jethani that greets us first thing in the morning to turn our eyes toward God and the wonder of entering the day with him. Formatted for smartphones, each day’s devotion includes a brief reflection on Scripture, theology, or culture, and walking with God through joys and fears. Every email also links to Bible readings, and features a prayer to guide our own communion with God throughout the day. Fans of “WITH” will recognize themes, and be drawn into a new way of seeing God and our place in his world. Subscribe here.

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