Video: How Should Christians Vote?


2016 is an election year unlike any other. Many Christians are confused about how to vote with neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump representing the policies or ideas they want to see leading the government. This video explores the hidden opportunity this unusual election offers Christians to rethink their assumptions about politics and cultural engagement.

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  • August 24, 2016


    Skye –

    A very timely topic. Thank you for continuing this conversation that we all need to engage in. I live in IN, but have roots in TN and many of my southern friends think that if I’m not on the Trump train that I’m close to losing my salvation (okay, they aren’t that cruel, but you get my point). While I think many of your points are very valid, I also am stuck at the point with how should we advocate for the good in politics when the biblical viewpoint often stands in contrast with what pop culture views as good? Frankly, I’m more politically libertarian, but, for example, how are we to engage lovingly with, say, my sister who’s a doctor out on the West coast and who is potential danger as an OB GYN of being required to provide abortions…or lose her job? How do we lovingly say, look, I know you think this is a women’s rights issue…I see it as deeper and a human right to life…and I’m going to vote and advocate for candidates who respect that right? (I know not all Christians are on the same side of any issue, but I think abortion is one closest to unanimous…)