Episode 5: Guest Os Guinness

This week’s podcast features Phil and I talking to one of my favorite people- Os Guinness. Os and I met a few years ago as part of a series of events leading up to the 3rd Lausanne Congress in South Africa. We shared many great conversations, including one late night debate about the Middle East over french fries and chardonnay in a Cape Town.

Phil Vischer Podcast Episode 5

Os happened to be in Wheaton for a conference and was kind enough to join us for a podcast conversation. We talk about the state of evangelicalism (and what the term even means anymore), the damage inflicted by the Religious Right, and the nature of freedom in a pluralistic society. In the end, Os is a strong advocate for Christian engagement in the public square as long as we keep our allegiance on the Kingdom of God first. You’ll not want to miss this wonderful 53 minutes with a remarkable thinker.

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