The Obamamobile

Next Tuesday the new President will take his first drive in his new limousine down Pennsylvania Ave. The recently unveiled custom built Cadillac is described as a luxury tank. It’s not as elegant as the Mercedes-Benz popular with European heads of state, but those cars probably could not withstand a direct asteroid hit either. Here are a few of the more bizarre features of “Cadillac One.”

-Armored doors weigh as much as a cabin door on a Boeing 757.

-Tires are shred and puncture resistant and can still run when flat.

-Night vision cameras.

-Bottles of the President’s blood are kept in the car for emergency transfusions.

-Only the driver’s window can open, and only three inches, to communicate with Secret Service agents outside.

-Armour plated fuel tank with special foam preventing explosion even if directly hit by a shell.

-The trunk contains oxygen tanks and fire fighting equipment.

-Air tight passenger compartment can withstand a chemical attack.

So, what becomes of W’s limo? It seems Vice President Joe Biden will take the hand-me-down.

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