The Divine Commodity Blog Tour and Radio Interview

Thursday, April 16th, is the blog tour for The Divine Commodity. Below are a list of blogs featuring reviews, highlights, and questions from my book. I’ll be interacting on most of these sites, so be sure to pay them a visit. I’ve also recorded an interview on Moody Radio’s Primetime America program. Part one of the interview will air on Thursday at 5:30 (central) and part two on Friday at the same time.

 Out of Ur ( (

Stuff Christians Like (

Ragamuffin Soul (

Monday Morning Insight (

Mark D Roberts (

Ben Arment (

Church Relevance (

Bob Franquiz (

Bob Hyatt (

Cole-Slaw (

The Forgotten Ways (

Reclaiming the Mission (

Shaun Groves (

Frank Viola (

The Gospel-Driven Church (

Christina Meyer (

Lee Coate (

Preaching Today (

Gathering In Light (

Off the Agenda (

Take Your Vitamin Z (

Staying Focused (

ZonderFann (


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