The Divine Commodity Blog Tour and Radio Interview

Thursday, April 16th, is the blog tour for The Divine Commodity. Below are a list of blogs featuring reviews, highlights, and questions from my book. I’ll be interacting on most of these sites, so be sure to pay them a visit. I’ve also recorded an interview on Moody Radio’s Primetime America program. Part one of the interview will air on Thursday at 5:30 (central) and part two on Friday at the same time.

 Out of Ur ( (

Stuff Christians Like (

Ragamuffin Soul (

Monday Morning Insight (

Mark D Roberts (

Ben Arment (

Church Relevance (

Bob Franquiz (

Bob Hyatt (

Cole-Slaw (

The Forgotten Ways (

Reclaiming the Mission (

Shaun Groves (

Frank Viola (

The Gospel-Driven Church (

Christina Meyer (

Lee Coate (

Preaching Today (

Gathering In Light (

Off the Agenda (

Take Your Vitamin Z (

Staying Focused (

ZonderFann (

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  • April 16, 2009


    When will The Divine Commodity be available in stores? Can a person buy it outside of Amazon currently?

  • […] Today he is on a blog tour (complete list of blogs and radio spots can be found here). […]

  • April 17, 2009


    Skye –
    I keep hearing great things about this book. can’t wait to read it.

    do you know if your publisher will be doing a kindle version? i’m trying to get all my books on kindle now whenever possible.


  • September 24, 2009

    Eugene Hung

    Hi Skye,

    Thanks for your ministry. Both the book and your other writings have been helpful to me, and have helped to articulate some of the things I’ve been feeling.

    We are starting up a sermon series “inspired” by your book this Sunday. We’ll correlate each message with one of the chapter themes in the book. Don’t worry, we’ll be careful not to plagiarize! As we have announced the series to our people, we’ve also mentioned the names of the book and author repeatedly. We also bought a couple dozen copies of the book from Amazon, and have been making them available for purchase to our people for $7, mainly to make sure they read it if they take a copy. Two or three of our small groups will also be reading the book and/or discussing it, which I hope will help them retain and internalize a few of the main ideas.

    Do you have any suggestions for our series? Like things that you’ve found helpful as you’ve explained these concepts to others, or pitfalls to avoid?

    Thanks – from a fellow thirtysomething, follicly challenged pastor and father of young ones