Technology and the Soul

How is mobile technology changing the way we relate to God and others? Skye was recently invited to discuss that question on Moody Radio’s “Midday Connection” program. While some are eager to employ digital tech and social media to advance the impact of ministry, Skye says that more discernment is needed to understand how these tools help us draw closer to God and how they may work against his purposes in us and the world. Topics covered in the interview include: -How a theology of incarnation relates to technology -Why access to more information does not lead to more transformation -What neuro researchers are discovering about the impact of tech on the brain -Why more technology in worship may do more harm than good Listen to the full interview.   With God Devo logo small Stop just living your life FOR God, and starting living WITH him. The With God Daily Devotional is an email written by Skye Jethani that greets us first thing in the morning to turn our eyes toward God and the wonder of entering the day with him. Formatted for smartphones, each day’s devotion includes a brief reflection on Scripture, theology, or culture, and walking with God through joys and fears. Every email also links to Bible readings, and features a prayer to guide our own communion with God throughout the day. Fans of “WITH” will recognize themes, and be drawn into a new way of seeing God and our place in his world. Subscribe here.         photo credit: Wooly Matt via photopin cc

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