Really Cool Bookshelves 4

Remember Kramer’s coffee table book about celebrity coffee tables? When presenting the book to Regis, Kramer demonstrated how the book could spout legs to become a coffee table.

Well, these bookshelves share that same Cosmo Kramer brilliance. These two additions to the “Really Cool Bookshelves” library are different takes on the book as bookshelf.

In this first example, it appears the books (in this case J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series) have sacrificed their lives to become an immortal shelf. There’s nothing particularly strange about the design…your standard brackets and horizontal shelf. But it’s fun nonetheless.

The second shelf is more interesting, in my opinion. The simple metal bracket is used to hold a single book to the wall. Other books are then stacked on top to give the impression that the books are invisibly attached to the wall. And it does this without damaging any of the books.

I would imagine having two or three of these on the wall would make people stop and say, “Hmmm?”. I do wonder how many books this shelf can actually hold, and what happens if some inquisitive child (I know a few) tried to pull the bottom book out.

Potter bookshelf lgInvisible bookshelf

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  • January 6, 2009


    I considered building the second shelf as a Christmas gift, but I went with the secret-compartment-book instead, in which you cut a hole in the book and can hide things inside of it. My decision was mostly based on the presumed difficulty level (turns out cutting out the middle of a book is surprisingly hard to do…with a razor, reciprocating saw, or a circular saw).

    Regardless, I do think that it would be fun to have. I considered the problem of someone grabbing it, but I concluded that in the process of reaching for one of the books a person would notice that they’re not sitting on a shelf and ask about it first. Although if it was me, I’d be much more inclined to pull off one of the books once I realized something was up.

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  • January 26, 2009


    I had a day off and a Home Depot gift card from Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration!