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COMING SOON: Immeasurable

Reflections on ministry in the age of Church, Inc.

Discipleship With Monday in Mind

How Churches Across the Country Are Helping Their People Connect Faith and Work

How Churches Became Cruise Ships (ebook)

When did pastors start acting like CEOs rather than shepherds? Why do people demand churches be entertaining and never boring? Why are there fewer churches today, and why are they…

Singing at Midnight (ebook)

How do we grow in our faith? Does it require some secret knowledge, a lab-tested program, or devoting ourselves to the right priest, pastor, or guru? We grow by welcoming…

The Voting Booth (ebook)

A New Vision for Christian Engagement in a Post-Christian Culture


What’s Wrong With Religion?

9 Things No One Told You About Faith



Reimagining the Way You Relate to God



Discover Your Purpose for Today by Reimagining Tomorrow


A growing number of people are disturbed by the values exhibited by the contemporary church. Worship has become entertainment, the church has become a shopping mall, and God has become…