Kangaroo Tries to Kill Man and Dog

This true story comes from Melbourne, Australia:

 A kangaroo startled by a man walking his dog attacked the pair, pinning the pet underwater and slashing the owner in the abdomen with its hind legs.

The Australian, Chris Rickard, was in stable condition Monday after the attack, which ended when the 49-year-old elbowed the kangaroo in the throat. He said he was walking his blue heeler, Rocky, on Sunday morning when they surprised a sleeping kangaroo in levitra in mexico Arthur’s Creek northeast of Melbourne. The dog chased the animal into a pond, when the kangaroo turned and pinned the pet underwater.

When Rickard tried to pull his dog free, the kangaroo turned on him, attacking with its hind legs and tearing a deep gash into his abdomen and across his face.

The rest of the story, written by me, is untrue but more fun:

The kangaroo was later apprehended by Melbourne police and charged with one count of attempted murder and one count of assault and battery. The suspect, identified by his street name “Roo,” is a juvenile with a past criminal record. The States Attorney says he will seek to prosecute Roo as an adult to send a signal to other young violent marsupials.

A single mother with little income, Mrs. Kanga says she and her son Roo moved to the Arthur’s Creek area after being evicted from The Hundred Acre Wood last year. “We couldn’t afford the rent anymore,” she told reporters. Housing values in The Hundred Acre neighborhood have been climbing as more affluant woodland families relocate to the area.

“We moved to Arthur’s Creek because it was the only place we could afford. That’s when the trouble started,” Mrs. Kanga told reporters. “He was such a nice boy before we moved here.” Mrs. Kanga blames society for her son’s criminal behavior as well as the absence of Christopher Robin from his life. “Christopher was the only father figure Roo had,” she said. “When he left Roo turned to the gangs.”

(Roo and Mrs. Kanga in happier days.)

The assault against Mr. Rickard and his dog Rocky was not Roo’s first run in with authorities. The wayward kangaroo was also charged with a misdemeanor in 2007 for pushing a pedestrian into a pond.

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  • November 23, 2009



    I love how people think kangaroos are basically passive and friendly animals. Sure, some of them are, and I grew up playing with quite a few of them who lived in a paddock near my home on the fringes of outback Australia.

    But most of them are wild animals…and like all wild animals, they feel threatened and defend themselves. Shocking huh! Who’d have thought?

    So if you’re gonna play with a roo, make sure you are much bigger than it even when it’s reared up on it’s tail & hind legs.

    And btw…the big red ones that seem to be turned into cute cartoon characters…they are always a little unhinged, even when tamed. Koalas are too for that matter. I really think we’ve tried to warn the rest of the world about how crazy we all are down here quite well, but our outward appearance of being cute and friendly seems to negate the whackiness in the rest of the world’s mind, right?

  • November 23, 2009

    dan haase

    “oh bother”