Faith & Politics Class – Session 2

In the last three presidential elections nearly 90 percent of white evangelicals voted for the Republican candidate. Today it is assumed that Christian faith is inseparable from conservative politics. A century ago that wasn’t the case. Christians were seen as progressives and social reformers. What happened? In the second session of the class, Skye covers the last 100 years of evangelicals in politics and explains the surprising origins of the Religious Right. Hint—abortion wasn’t the issue the drove white evangelicals into the Republican party.

Topics covered in this class session include:

The Democratic and Republican platforms today

The Modernist/Fundamentalist Controversy

William Jennings Bryan—the liberal Christian fundamentalist

The Scopes Monkey Trial (1925)

How the Cold War created Christian America

Brown vs. Board of Ed. & “segregation academies”

Why evangelicals liked Roe vs. Wade (at first)

The IRS & the rise of the Religious Right

Download Handout: Rise of the Religious Right


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