Church Leader Look Alikes (check back for updates)

It all started with an email from my colleague Drew Dyck asking if I had a book by Dave Ferguson. He side commented: have you ever noticed that he looks like Edward Norton? I hadn’t. Then we started thinking about other pastoral look-a-likes.

The emails went back and forth. I’ve included some of my favorites below. There were other less complementary ones that we shall leave behind. There are a few that have stumped me. For example, one would think that figures as recognizable as Rob Bell or Shane Claiborne would be easy to match. But so far I’ve had no luck. Have you got additional submissions? I have no doubt that there are more.

Below are twelve that we’ve matched so far. Feel free to add to the nonsense. (**UPDATE** More church leaders are being reunited with their lost twins. Check below.)

Kelsey Grammer and Shane Hipps

George W. Bush and Joel Hunter

Tom Brokow and Will Willimon

Edward Norton and Dave Ferguson

Richard Schiff and N.T. Wright

Tim Allen and Joel Osteen

Patrick Stewart and Tim Keller

Paul McCartney and Alistair Begg

Bob’s Big Boy and Mark Driscoll

Brian Setzer and Dan Kimball

Jimmy Stewart and Andy Stanley

Bob Ross and Philip Yancey

Adam Lambert and Steven Furtick (thanks, Tim Wilson)

Woody Allen and Shane Claiborne

Jar Jar Binks and Shane Claiborne (Thanks, Dan and Josh)

Santa Claus and Eugene Peterson

Dustin Hoffman and John Piper (Thanks Dan and Tyler)

Dolph Lundgren and Ed Young Jr. (Thanks, Sam)

Sam Neill and David Fitch (Thanks, Chaka)

John Ritter and Mel Lawrenz

Lou Costello and Donald Miller

John Travolta and Skye Jethani (Touché! Thanks, Chad Estes)

Jim Wallis and …

Chester Bennington and Rob Bell (thanks, Adam)

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