Chapter 1 of “WITH” Now Free Online

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Hey friends. Many of you have been asking when my new book With: Reimagining the Way you Relate to God will be released. The official date is August 23. It’s is available for pre-order now on Amazon and other sites. But you can read the first

chapter for free online. The publisher has released it as a free sample…kinda like those nice ladies at Costco with the samples of fried mozzarella. Thank you Costco ladies, and thank you Thomas Nelson. Click here to read Chapter 1: Life After Eden.

  • Dave


    I just read the sample chapter and want more so I am ordering the book. This just shows what all fisherman know, you need good bait if you want to catch anything.

    One small comment on page 18 where you said, “eating the fruit of a tree God had forbidden them to touch.”
    God said to not eat it in (Genesis 2:16-17) but the woman added the extra bit about not touching it (Genesis 3:2-3). Of course you can’t eat it without first touching it but this was the first example in the Bible of humans adding rules to interpret and enforce what God said.


  • Bill Allison

    Loving the content… but my inner English teacher came out on Page 8… should the word “predicted” be predicated?

  • Rick Hein

    Thanks for making the first ch available. I thought it was great! I was really blessed by “Divine Commodity” and look forward to this newest book being released in August.

  • Lee Edwards

    Thanks for making this available. Right now I am in the middle of The Divine Commodity, and I must say, Chapter 5 (Wind In a Bottle) is one of the best chapters I have ever read. God’s blessings.

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  • Scotty


    As a review blogger for Thomas Nelson, I received “With” yesterday. I couldn’t put it down! I finished it today, then wrote and posted my review. OUTSTANDING! Actually, I think it’s the most important book for Christians published this year, and it’s getting all the recommendation I can generate via my personal and social media connections. Thanks for this excellent work!

  • Peter
  • Penny

    My husband and I loved Divine Commodity, so we pre-ordered With. We are now suggesting it to everyone we know. You are able to see the big picture, and then explain that big picture in a way that makes me able to see it too. Thank you. I love living with God instead of for God.

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  • Cara Gabrielse

    Skye – “With” is eucatastrophe in my life. Thank you brother.

  • Janis Vitolins


    WISH is rocking my world right now. I hope never to be the same.

    Go in peace, Janis

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  • Dick Klaver

    Just finished The Divine Commodity. Exceedingly insightful and whoa! Where is Jesus in relation to “evangelical” Christianity? I am not sure. Question: VanGogh gets labelled often and simply as “mentally ill.” I appreciate you see that his illness might also have given him great insight into Christ and our cultures. What are the 2 best VanGogh books you read? Thanks, Dick Klaver

    • Skye Jethani


      My favorite book is “At Eternity’s Gate” by Kathleen Powers Erickson. I’d also suggest “The Shoes of Van Gogh” by Cliff Edwards for a more devotional look at his life and art.


  • Janis

    I said “WISH”? Of course I meant “WITH”. …………….. duh!

  • http://Na Monica

    Hello, I am anxiously reading your WITH…..well I am trying to read it. I bought the book on and I bought it on Kindle. I am disabled and cannot hold my phone so that I can continue reading it like I would like to. I really need to get it read to me from my phone so that I can enjoy it. Is there anyway you can have this available for those who have bought it on Kindle? I cannot sit or lay and hold a book for that long either. I believe I have a little bit of all four of the postures. I am desperate to find the answer to this dilemma and I’m having trouble getting it so if there’s anything you can, I would greatl doy appreciate it! I am sure my entire family and friends would appreciate it as well. Meaning that the book and God’s help will change my life!!!!!! Im desparate!!!

  • http://Na Monica

    sorry things got so messed up with my typing….. one of the resuls of the disabilities that I struggle with. thank you for being willing to learn what God taught you so that you can help me learn what I need to do to have an incredible walk WITH my Lord!!!!

  • http://india vilbert

    dear sir
    i tried and tried to get hold of your book “the Divine commodity’ but i was not able to get in Indian any christian store, i am very disappointed.
    is there any way out?
    i am truly challenged by your thoughts and messages
    God bless