Episode 109: Hobby Lobby Day & Electric Shocks

It’s Hobby Lobby day! What’s it all mean? All good? Mostly good? And would you rather sit with your own thoughts, or give yourself an electric shock? If you’d prefer the shock, it turns out you’re not alone! This week on the podcast!

Episode 108: Tattoos, Pastor Fashion, HBO and the Rapture

Pastors talk fashion while Rome burns… Pat Robertson says, “No tattoos for you!” Even liberals don’t want their kids marrying atheists, HBO has fun with the Rapture, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson says religion is killing science. Again. It’s another wild week on the podcast!

Episode 107: Public Christianity & Guest John Dickson

Phil and the gang are joined in studio by Aussie historian/theologian>apologist/former rocker John Dickson for a discussion of Christian culture in the US vs Australia and how to effectively engage the mainstream press, plus listeners chime in on the precise physiology of transgenderism! Hoo-boy!! It’s a party for sure.