Audio: Is the Church a Destination or Vehicle?

The church is meant to be a vehicle not merely a building. On a recent edition of “Live the Promise” hosted by Susie Larson on Faith Radio, Skye Jethani spoke about how to operate as the body of Christ.

“In the first half of the 20th century, the way you moved around the world was on ocean liners. They took you from point A to point B. For most passengers it was just raw transportation. Once jet airplanes came into the marketplace… passenger shipping died. They transformed ocean liners into cruise ships – the whole point was leisure and activities. These ships are not designed to transport – the goal is to keep you on the ship, entertained, and spending money. The ship itself has become the destination.”

How does this compare to churches? Skye explains. “In most of the 20th century, churches were relatively small [without] a lot of programming. The pastors spent most of the week out in the community, not in the church building. Churches used to be transportation – they took you from where you were and into communion with God.” Upon the rise of the baby boomers, churches decided to get more creative and created the model of the mega-church. The church itself has become the destination and the end in itself, which doesn’t ring true for younger generations. Skye and Susie explore several truths on the program: • Every human religion is interested in using God instead of knowing Him. • Most people approach God with false motives – at some point, God invites us to go deeper. • Church is meant to be cross-cultural worship and service rather than a building where people gather. • Different generations are looking for different ways of doing church. • God equips and empowers each believer to do their work for the glory of Christ. • There is no sacred-secular divide in the kingdom – every calling is a sacred calling. DOWNLOAD a highlight of the interview where Skye talks about the church’s role to equip God’s people. DOWNLOAD the full interview and radio program.       photo credit: Queen Mary via photopin (license)

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